Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My new poem is long but its is humorous: “Battle Scars”

(Frank Williams, Poet & Columnist, MS News Channel)

I reread the my last poem and was thinking something a little less morbid would be better so here's one that may make some smile and laugh instead of being sad! My new poem is long but its is humorous:

“Battle Scars”
ok y’all ready to take a fun little ride, like riding 5 ft waves in a dingy
its neurological illness’s fun filled roller coaster slide thingy
you wake to the thunder of your body as it shoots through you makes you shake
the dawn greets you with so much pain you are definitely now wide awakesome days its even worse yes this can be so
what the hell day is it, you hurt and know not here from fro
ok coffee is going right, i did turn on the pot?
dang it no it was adding the beans this time i forgot
hey there is that pencil i lost two days ago now safe and sound
putting in behind my ear oh hey look the one i lost 3 days ago i found
those glasses i had them when i went to sleep last night in my bed
wonder where they are, upon scratching my cranium, yeap they are on my head
oh cool the other pair is around my neck now how did i miss that
shoot i added the coffee grounds did i turn it on again, go check and feed the cat
ok two hours have gone by i got two pencils my glasses and i think coffee is on
now who was i suppose to call today, i know i wrote it down
must of lost it yesterday looking for my pencils, no notepad to be found
ok think hard who was it oh bummer I’ll find out when deb gets home
she will look at me find the pad in the icebox, and wonder what planet i use to roam
yeah she gets it too she fibro and gets cog-fog as often as me, thank god for that
or she would recall everything and we would hiss and argue and spat
shame we cant forget out pains as easily, trust me i often try
sometimes i take an imaginary trip and soar so far i can fly
oh wait nope that just me tripping on a flat surface once again
hey look what i found Debs, i borrowed weeks ago, really expensive pen
ok ten o’clock and did i turn on second pot of coffee, hmm did i start dishes
oh that’s right something to take out for dinner, why not food pills oh i so wish
poof dinner is done, nuke it and u have a dinner to go
still wonder who i was suppose to call, yeah i still do not know
well the shower felt great am dried and almost dressed
why is my hair so sticky oh the conditioner, my hair is a mess
ok now I’m re-showered ready, hair rinsed, dressed with coffee in hand
ready to take on today and what ever my illness can toss at me, do yall understand
for I have and will always have the best medicine on the whole planet earth
i have my humor my soul is still young, bet i already made you smirk
keeping your humor is above all, a good plan as you go through life
thank god deb has a sense of humor or i don’t think i would have a wife
without her sense of humor maybe it would be other way around
people could say she had no sense of humor as my body it is finally found.
so what if i can buy, wrap, put away, lose it and find it months later
still be surprised when i open my own gift, oh cool it’s that thingy that peels potator’s
i laugh at how many times can I drop the envelope
no i am not drunk nor on any kind of good dope
i cant feel the paper in my fingers so to the floor it falls
hmmmm still cant figure who i was suppose to call
found another pencil and that note pad i lost 3 months ago
if i could only find my new one I would be ok and my daily agenda i would know
dam did i take my pills hmm lets see it says tues on pill container was i a day behind
oh how simple is this so simple that i can lose my mind
now what day is it, oh shoot never turn on the coffee pot
just having so much fun before noon thinking of things i forgot
finding treasures, yes treasures to me, so what if its a pen
to date we have 23,897 lost ones, i have even searched the den
so as that number grows so does the lost notes of my daily chores
god what fun I’ve had its noon I’m not even tired, not even bored
how could one with so much fun at hand, tire of using ones brain
does it really matter that it runs slower than a snail in the rain
i have found the humor side of life is an important item, one not to be lost
it is a one of a kind, irreplaceable it can not be replaced for any cost
so as i smile cause i know who it was i had to call but now its lunch and they are not in
here we go, this afternoons fun filled roller coaster slide thingy begins
cool found my sun glasses and hey and there is that extra cane
boredom is one thing i don’t have to worry about or even complain
i can keep busy trying to remember what i knew 22 hours ago
where it went to, along with my note pad, god only knows
oh shoot dinner, I never took it out, now what to do
mix this, add that and wallah the left overs are good as new
so many thing we do so many times in one day, thanks to cog-fog
if i could just figure out a way to remember, for my mind to be jogged
spark it to life, but no its not meant to be
as hard as I try it is lost, I guess that’s just me
no i bet there are others who go through a routine such as this
most days start off with some wonderful new neurological kiss
almost like getting smacked with a two by four upside our head
its a totally new day with new experiences, I think, as we jump from our safe bed
yet as we proceed though our life, day to day
sure i want to be cured, till then here’s what I’ve to say
keep your humor it will help more than a good hard cry
I know its not always easy, but one has to try
its a lot cheaper and safer then the meds they throw at us
also, it feels good to smirk, lets others wonder, let them fuss
yes I have issues that, at this point, there is naught to help me too much
see, did it again, dropped that letter my fingers cant feel anything to a touch
now where was I oh heck again i forgot what i was gonna say
see how my humor filled roller coaster slide thingy keeps my illness at bay
no its no cure, yes of this i am full aware and really cant do much else
enjoy my humor in between the days i have my nasty spells
yes it helps, for the mental aspect of all these neuro illness’s can be hard as hell
so have that cry, vent, complain scream and help clear the mind, heck just yell
its a great freak out in an elevator with those rehashed Beatles songs playing and its so serene
till you get all to exit at next floor just cause you yelled, oh big deal, so I screamed
the looks on their faces, shall keep me going for a few days to say the least
we cant control it we cant cure it we can work around it, this neurological beast
so smile when i tell you about the guy who was born with five legs, what a shame
rumors have it his pants fit him like a glove, ba da bing come on admit it u smirk, though the joke be lame
those smiles and laugh lines are the best things in life no matter who you are
the wrinkles they cause alongside of our illness are fun filled roller coaster slide thingy battle scars