Friday, June 28, 2013

i checked in to the hospital today and am pretty sure i wont be checking out soon stan!


""""""" what is a nurse"""""""""""

Let's talk about my latest and impromptu hospital stay.
The view out my window was pleasant and quite okay.
my best part of the hospital stay as always , are the nurses
I don't want to be here. So many people use foul language and curses.
Never do I understand how patients can always be so mean.
These men and women who work hours upon hours, making sure you're healthy and clean.
I hear people yelling at the nurses across the hall from another room
sometimes even take it out on the EMTs. I just don't get it. No clue.
Yet when they leave my room. There laughing, happy and glad.
Maybe because I'm not like the putz in 403, who yells and screams making them sad.
They sacrificed so much of themselves to give hope to care to nurture others.
There's almost a bond with my nurses, genuine love between sister and brother.
Is it really that hard to be nice. I know some of us are an extreme amount of pain.
But once someone gets 110% in some try to make you feel better. why causes a strain.
It just hurts me inside. When I listen to some of the people what they say .
Nobody wants to be sick. Sore operated on hell, who even wants an overnight stay.
And what confuses me sometimes visit them. Is it me. Sure I hurt like hell.
I was brought up differently. You don't take things out of others. You don't falsely ring the bell.
Be respectful, kind, considerate, we were all taught. This is not really that hard to do.
Put yourself in their spot for one day one hour one minute to see if you can wear their shoe.
their are times and noises when things go bad, being poked and prodded on all night long
I may not expect everyone to be happy to do a course line, a singer, happy song.
So if you gonna stay a few hours. Any are the week upstairs don't be miserable. Don't make it worse.
Remember that person is given their full devotion to as a family of their own because they are a nurse.

By Frank Michael Williams