Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HERE'S 3 OF MY POEMS: “with no fear” “Believing is a gift” “ never to fade away”

“with no fear”

I step into the darkness with shame and fear
of all my blunders and mistakes through the years
Searching for that special ones helping hand
knowing just knowing on my feet i must land
So i search into the ever deepening gloom
hoping to find that flower ready to bloom
I reach for her into the night
She keeps me from feeling my darkest fright
So as I find her after many years
I step into the light with no fear

“Believing is a gift”

you say you hurt and your are not as strong
yet i see nothing to show me this, i say you are wrong
you say your muscles burn and nerves truly ache
yet I see nothing wrong with you I say you are a fake
you say you cant see your vision is all a midst
yet I still see nothing wrong yet you still insist
you say you are tired and the fatigue you can not stand
yet I still see nothing wrong I think you are yanking my hand
you say this to me every day, its always the same
yet to me I think you are faking it I think you bring me shame
You say i am a family member how can you not believe
yet there is nothing to show me otherwise nothing for me to see
you say your friends who suffer understand better than I
yet I still insist you are not sore its all a big lie
you say someday you will understand that this is not a game
yet you keep on telling me I am ok I am still the same
you say thank you for you've finally realized and the truth you see
yet it took so long for you a family member to truly believe in me
or one of my less negative ones? here is my link first half is poetry of life then msbs and followed by tag poems they are written off the cuff in a thing we used to call tag poetry tag you are it and given a subject and write one from the top of your head


“ never to fade away”

A crisp mountain creek running as clear as cloudless day
the air filled with the fresh aroma of a meadows fresh cut hay
willows along the creek whispering songs, songs of the wind
to see such beauty of nature and not seeing it is truly a wasteful sin
skies so blue across the plains that go on forever, an endless sky
buffalo grass swaying to the rhythm of the wind its a natural high
absorbing the beauty of nature is an art for those who who love art
beauty shown to so many who enjoy it so much it gives one a start
mountains as high as the sky colored with granite and pines so green
such beauty like a golden sun set over the mountains have you ever seen
seen the sky so orange at sun rise in the desert it fills one with such awe
a sky filled with so much orange it covers everything such beauty so raw
morning dew sitting gently on the leaves and grass far as the eye can see
the golden color of the aspens and birches or the orange of a giant oak tree
the aspen leaves shimmer so bright like a million stars resting in the evening sky
rainbows filled with so much colors one can only wish to be on top and take a slide
down the bow till it empties into a cold mountain top crystal clear lake
beauty as this is a natural wonder of the earth something that could never be fake
make sure you absorb the art that is given for us all to see each and every day
let the artistic beauty of nature be embedded in your minds eye and soul never to fade away