Monday, December 30, 2013

Pain-free and peaceful

Howdy folks, hope this finds everyone doing well, was pondering the thought what should I write about. To get into the whole MS medicine would be boring and repetitive. So perhaps it's time to give a shout out to our caregivers, my wife, Deborah, she is my caregiver who I in turn, I am also her caregiver. She has Fibro and some serious back issues along with arthritis in her neck. Then I will be the first to admit, it's not easy being a caregiver when you have secondary progressive MS, fibromyalgia or RSD, but degenerating spine, yet I do try and I do give it my best.

I just thought it would be a good thing for us to reflect upon perhaps give a hug. Make a special thank you card pick some nice roses from your neighbor's garden. I mean from your garden and to let them know that they are thought and cared for. There is gratitude held within our hearts for all the things that they do for us. So take some time out this week. Thank those who do support you and to those who believe you and to those who do help. So here's one of my poems. I have a few for caregivers thankfulness for friends. I thought I would share this one with everyone this week.

“Caregivers Have Heart”Lets talk about our caregivers and what their lives are like now we have
been diagnosedWe their partners in life and helpers of the family chores are all but a distant memory, a ghostsharing the load is a perfect thing for a working relationship, each doing what they do best,always being able to carry the load when the other was sick so they could heal and or just get some we are sick and exhausted, fatigued, sore, bed ridden and so sick at times sometimes for days on end,talk about the guilt we all live with, so now its up to our partner our buddy our spouse our true friend.while both in good health odds are the load we both carried was more then we cherished ,more then enough,Our giver must carry their reg load around the house and their spouses load too, can I do this? Its all too as you are having a bad day cant move without electric pains radiating to your eyelashes and throughout,be patient and compassionate and understanding, don?t give in to our angry of our illness and let out a shout.take that deep breath count to 33 1/3 and replace the frustration with good memories of days of futures past,reach out and ask can i do any thing to help you, fold towels or cloths can i do something in my chair any thing fast.this persons life has not only been turned upside down with extra chores and caring and worrying about you,do you think for a moment that the fears we hold inside are not going through our caregivers mind too.As I said take time sit back see what you may be able to do, you might surprise yourself and you’ll feel good,something so simple, taken for granted by so many including ourselves all those things we would do if we could.we can do something it may be so benign that it insults us at first but as that feeling inside grows we thirst,Cool I did something today, It help right honey I made a diff today, to feel this feeling I doubt I be the i said its minor at first as each days passes what you can do to help them out truly help out our hearts,Making our caregivers load lighter may be enough for them to get through a horrible day that has yet to start.So give thought to those, whose lives have change tenfold a world upside down whats below whats above,They stay in this house of cards for a reason and besides they admire us why we aren't sure but their is love.yes running away isn't the answer yet many do so, but what about those who dig in and say come on let it ride,caregivers are people who have wonderful hearts, hearts that's are open, they don’t run, they don’t hide.
© by Frank Michael Williams